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amesGames is currently developing Otherside of the Obelisk, the first in a series of single player adventures utilizing the OPEN game system. Otherside of the Obelisk allows the player to become a private detective in a futuristic city, investigating a lucrative case for a mysterious client. Through nonlinear open-ended gameplay, every session of Otherside of the Obelisk will be unique, culminating with many possible endings. To solve the case and see the true ending, the player will need luck, skill, and strategy. Otherside of the Obelisk is being developed for mature audiences. amesGames hopes to release this game in early 2019.

Current Progress Update:

Rule Book: 100% Complete
Tracking Sheet: 100% Complete
Event Book: 13% Complete

(Last updated: 11/6/18)


Standard Deck Dungeon is a free card game that simulates the experience of a roguelike dungeon crawler, using nothing but a standard deck of playing cards. You only need a standard deck of playing cards with the rulebook and two reference sheets (available in the downloads below). Standard Deck Dungeon is designed to be setup quickly, played quickly, and packed away quickly. It supports single player, two player cooperative, or two player competitive.

Standard Deck Dungeon downloads:

SDD Rulebook
SDD Setup Reference Sheet
SDD Quick Reference Sheet

Alternatively you can download SDD from DriveThruRPG.
You can also download SDD from Board Game Geek.

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