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In the not too distant future World War III has obliterated civilization into ruins. Devastated cities fester as pits of technological decay. Violent tribalism is the new world order. Yet even outcasts can survive... if they provide a service. In
Core Runner you are one such outcast, and you've just gotten wind of a very lucrative proposition. Now you'll traverse an extremely harsh district, seeking an unusual bounty for a high payoff. But your run will constantly be threatened by rivals, cybernetic hazards, and old world perils. Can YOU survive the danger of Rise City's insidious Industrial District? Many have tried, many have died. And you've never had a run like this.

Core Runner is a single player non-linear cyberpunk adventure. Its exploratory gameplay consists of variable interactive fiction implementing unique dice mechanics. Core Runner offers very high replayability; 36 special events offer a total of over 120 different outcomes leading into 11 unique endings. To play Core Runner you will need its Rule Book, Event Book, and Tracking Sheet PDFs from the downloads below.

Core Runner contains scenes of violence, carnality, and profanity - it is intended for adult players only.

  Core Runner downloads:

Core Runner - Rule Book

Core Runner - Event Book

Core Runner - Tracking Sheet

Core Runner can also be downloaded from Board Game Geek.

Core Runner
can also be downloaded from

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